Hello and welcome to Wellnessista!IMG_2363

Behind the Wellnessista blog is me, Lana.

I am a nutritional therapist, certified in many fields of nutrition, such as:

  • Personal Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Pregnancy and Child Nutrition
  • Nutritional Therapy

In addition to those, I studied phytotherapy, herbal medicine and mental health studies to complement my knowledge.

I am also a fitness and health enthusiast. Some used to call me a health freak. I used to say I preferred the health nut, as the nut sounded healthier. Nowadays I incline towards a more balanced lifestyle, with a focus on overall well-being but without obsessing.

I am a wife and a mom of two pretty girls. Not much of a housewife (to tell the truth), but I get my homemaking spells from time to time. I highly value continuous self-development: personal, professional and spiritual. In sports, I choose yoga and weight lifting. I am an aspired writer, photographer, I love psychology, foreign languages and traveling. I am just that “naturally curious about everything” person. And I can’t wait go back to studying. Be it nutrition, psychology, medicine or other health sciences, I am infinitely bound to this field, because it is my true passion to help people feel their best. And that is exactly what brought me to create this blog.

I hope you find something here on Wellnessista that will make you feel good!

You can see my photo blog here.



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