Thank God It’s Friday!

This phrase has been my favourite since the college times. How long ago that was! I remember coming in one morning, tired after the long week, and seeing my dear friend Frances smile and shout cheerfully “Hi Lana! TGIF!” I was confused. See, it was only my first few months into college and at the time I had been in Ireland only for some 5 or 6 months. While I already knew some good English, using it in real life was a struggle and an absolutely different kind of struggle was dealing with different lingos. So I might have learned to understand the Irish accent by the time, but phrases like TGIF were a mystery. Frances smiled and explained the meaning of the phrase. Since then it stuck with me and probably will be stuck with me forever. And of course it always reminds me of dear Frances.

She was not a typical college friend you would imagine. I was only 19 and had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I only knew that I liked photography, so I went to study it. Frances, on the other hand, was 57 (yes, you read this correct, it’s 57). She’d already lived her life to the full and had a daughter who went to college, too. She’d had too much time on her hands and she’d spent it studying different courses, just to not waste the precious time and learn something new. When we met, I was young, new to the country and a foreigner in our class, pretty shy and uncertain how to get about my studies. She happily took me under her wing and helped me in every possible way. I will be forever grateful to her and will never forget her! Whenever I recall her, it brings a smile to my face. She is one of the most wonderful people walking on planet Earth!

But it’s not just TGIF because it’s the end of the week, a long wished-for end of the week. I have other news to share today.

I have finished my Master Herbalist course and got my diploma!board_down_food_garlic_herb_jar_kitchen_knife_597610.jpg

It is a bittersweet feeling that I am left with, having completed the course. For one, I am glad that this chapter is over. I am also happy to have the knowledge I know now and I hope to find ways to apply this knowledge to help myself and others. However, it is a sad feeling also to know that, once again, I am left with nothing to do (I mean, to study). Surprisingly, I have turned into a some sort of a nerd 🙂 I can’t just sit still or do my things without learning something new. I feel like my brain starts to rot if not challenged on a daily basis. Maybe it is just a sign that I need a job that would require me to apply my knowledge and would challenge me. But as of today, the job perspective is out of question. With a 5 months old on my hands I simply can’t go to work. I don’t want her to be thrown into the arms of childminders just yet.

Anyway, studying herbalism was a very pleasant experience. And I am sure it is rewarding, too. I realised, however, that I do not see myself working as a herbal medicine practitioner. I don’t think I ever did. But I wanted to have that knowledge to advance my knowledge of nutrition and whatever knowledge of medicine I have. It is one thing to advise someone a herb that is safe and would just help them feel better, and absolutely another thing to use herbs that may have side effects or prescribe herbs to a person with an illness. I would require of myself years of formal training with mandatory clinical training to feel comfortable prescribing anything. But spending years on a herbalist diploma is not something I wish to do.

So my future goals still stand. I would like to either go to Med school and become a doctor or study psychology as a major and then qualify as a therapist. Fortunately or unfortunately, psychology seems like a more reasonable choice, more easily achievable. It’s not that I think I am not cut out for med school, and I have a huge interest in medicine, it just seems tough to go through the med school with all the hectic hours when I have 2 beautiful girls who require a lot of my attention. It might not seem fair, but sometimes we have to make choices in the best interest of our loved ones, and it’s ok. Luckily, I have absolutely nothing against psychology as my profession. In fact, it is my first and longest interest in something. As long as I could remember I wanted to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist. So I guess I won’t be disappointed if I choose this path.

Have any of you had this choice between Med School and Psychology? What did you choose and why? I’m interested in your stories and opinions.

Wishing you all a happy Friday and weekend!


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