In my last two posts I have written about resolutions. And while the year is still new, I have set some for myself, too.

At first, when the year began, I didn’t have any. To be honest, I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions in the past several years solely out of the reason that the resolutions do not work, without realising that it’s not the resolutions themselves that do not work – it is the way we make them.

Moving into 2017 I didn’t know what my resolutions would be. All I knew is that I wanted to start the year right. And I did. The 1st of January 2017 proved to be the best 1st of January I have ever had so far. Partially, it was of the reflections that I have written in my journal on the 31st December. I have looked at the events of the 2016 and decided which were the key moments in it and what I have learned from them. This kind of prepared my mind and sent it to the right path.

The first morning of the year started with a quick and gentle yoga routine (I also managed to end the year with a workout!). After a healthy breakfast (of what I can’t remember) we went out for coffee. It is a favourite tradition of our family of now 4 – to go out for coffee and treats every weekend. My usual healthy(-ish) choice is Soy Latte. It does not have as much fat as a regular latte and it is a plant protein, which I always give my preference to. For a treat I usually have honey-baked cashews, but since it was a different coffee shop, I didn’t have any. For me, these coffee outings are a perfect way to enjoy something together with my family, and right after the coffee we went to a park to do even more together. We took pictures and played on a playground with our daughter. At home we watched a movie and took more pictures, warming up by the fire place. The day was awfully cold, but I have the warmest memories of that day.

So, this is my resolution No. 1:

  • Spend more time with family.

Being a stay-at-home mum I am kind of bound to be always near my family, but my goal is not just to be with them, it is to be present. Oftentimes, we take things for granted. We dive head first into our own world of thought and worry, and we forget that our life is happening right here, right now. And then the time goes by and we just get confused, where did it go? How come it’s almost February? When did your child learn to walk? Etc, etc.

It’s time to be more present in my life, because life doesn’t stop. It goes on, it’s changing and evolving. I want to see its every change.

Goal No.2:

  • Be in tune with my body.

I started doing it recently.

I ditched the labels that brand me as a vegan or paleo, or whatever. I still eat gluten, dairy and egg free because of allergies and intolerances, either my own or those of my baby. And I mostly eat plant-based. But if I’m dying for a piece of sushi, I’ll have it. It is much easier to know what is right and what is wrong and make a conscious choice.

I think, sometimes, we get too obsessed with doing everything right, especially in the diet field. It is now quite common to hear the word orthorexia – an eating disorder in which a person is overly preoccupied with healthy eating. At a first glance, what could go wrong with that? You eat right, you feel great! But not quite. No matter how big of a health nut you are, there comes a time when you have to make an unhealthy choice. You make it, and soon your self-penance starts. Even worse, there comes a time when you want to make that unhealthy choice, but you can’t because it goes against your beliefs. So you restrict yourself. While your ability to abstain from the ‘evil’ and make good choices does boost your ego, it, unfortunately, doesn’t bring you happiness. And when you’re not happy, there’s no point in trying.

I am not saying that veganism made me unhappy. In fact, one of the happiest times I can recall was the time when I ate ‘Raw till 4’. What makes me unhappy though is that coming to a restaurant I can’t make a normal choice because of my dietary restrictions. I want to enjoy my dinner out and not be pressurized into choosing something I don’t really want only because it is the only safe option I can have. Being gluten, dairy and egg free poses enough restrictions on its own. So… No labels this year, only intuition and happiness.

Goal No.3:

  • Minimise my stuff.

I was never a girl with a huge walk-in closet or something, but I now understand how many of the things I have are unnecessary. They take up space, collect dust and have no meaning.

Right from the beginning of the year I started decluttering my wardrobe and getting rid of things, and boy, is it refreshing! I am only mid-process at the moment. My husband does not really share my view on minimalism, so it’ll never be the way I want. But it’s ok. I can still work towards owing things that mean something to us and not just things that sit there in the dust.

Goal No. 4:

  • Publish a book.

Yes, that’s correct. And it is half-way done. I have plenty of material that is already finished or in the process of being finished. And I think I am finally ready. So this is one of the most important goals for me this year – publishing my first book.

Goal No. 5, last but not least:

  • Continue this blog.

Once upon a time I sat in my bedroom and thought: why not start a blog? There is so much misinformation related to healthy lifestyle and dieting that I want to share my knowledge too, help people realise that dieting the way we know it is not the way. So I started it.

I can’t honestly tell you what challenges did I meet that made me stop writing. It might have been several different things at different times. But something kept me from continuing to write. This time I want to commit and make this blog live. Not because I think that it is such a great blog and people need it, but because I LIKE IT. I like doing it. It makes me happy. And we should always do what makes us happy, right?

So this is it. These are my main goals, or resolutions, for 2017. I can’t wait to look back in time and see how much progress I have made.

Lana x


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