Now onto the post that I wanted to write yesterday but decided to start with a catch up instead.

Since being so ‘busy’ (read sick with nausea) over the past few months I had to completely ditch the gym and do gentle yoga instead. It was a rather sad change for me as I really enjoyed my last month in the gym and was making a good progress. Yoga felt good in the beginning too, but bored me very quickly as it was not the same intensity and there is very little variation between the prenatal yoga routine. And as for doing something more intense than yoga – I simply had no energy.

Thank God, the second trimester seems to be a bit easier so far and I plan to get back to working out, especially since finding out that I still fit into my favourite cropped leggings with a little tweaking 🙂 But before I get back to my gym, I resorted to short home workouts with the equipment that I have. It’s not much, just a pair of the lightest (and pink – ugh!) dumbbells ever, a 5 kg kettlebell, a 6 lbs medicine ball, and resistance bands. The latest I found to be particularly great as it allows me to train my back (can be trained with a kettlebell too) and most importantly, my biceps! Biceps are the biggest problem when working out at home (at least for me) because those pink and almost furry dumbbells do nothing to them.

And this is exactly where Pinterest came in handy. I saw a 400 reps resistance band workout pinned in my suggestions and at once I wanted to give it a try. It was amazing! But it surely isn’t the only amazing workout routine, with all the great fitness bloggers out there! So I decided to go dig for some more pins on this topic and created a board for resistance band workouts. Can’t wait to try more of them, but meanwhile I’m just sharing them with you.

Here’s the link to my board, which will be expanded in time:

And next is the pin of the workout that I did yesterday. Got to check out the author, Lushious Lifts. Looks like there’s plenty of interesting things in there!

Copyright: Lushious Lifts.

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