I have news! They are amazing news to me, but by no means am I going to stop now!

Last month I have got my Nutritionist Cert! This was a great milestone I have wished for for years, and now it’s here, right at my pocket! Now I am into more studying. This time, it’s a Nutritional Therapy course that I am onto. I love how it looks deeper in the relationship of food and health and delves into epigenetics – a study of how the environment, especially diet, changes our DNA. It is fascinating to put it simply, no less.

After I get my nutritional therapy cert, I have bigger plans. I want to pursue either a Dietetics degree or a general medicine degree to be able to work at the hospital as a doctor. I haven’t quite decided yet between those two as both fascinate me. But I know for sure – being a doctor is what I am after. Perhaps, I should have listened to my heart years and years ago while sitting at the hospital and waiting for my grandmother, who was a nurse at the time, to finish her work. I read the labels on the folders with diseases over and over again, I watched my grandmother write in her journal when seeing patients. All those gloves, syringes, tiny bottles with some fluids… I went home, took a notepad and a pen and pretended being a doctor and writing some stuff about patients. But then, by the end of high school, I decided to study interpreting because English was my best subject and I desperately wanted to leave the country. Studying the language seemed like a plane ticket to the world, and I took it, silencing all the other interests which I finally got back on track since the milestone of going and settling abroad is long achieved.

Returning to Medicine and Dietetics, I think it is going to be a tough choice. But whatever happens, wherever life takes me, I am certain about one thing – nutrition is my friend for a lifetime!

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