Most of us, regular exercisers, know that the benefits of lunges are irreplaceable if you want to tone your glutes and thighs. Lunges are capable of activating the gluteus maximus – the biggest gluteal muscle that, unfortunately, doesn’t respond that well to squats.

Whether you do bodyweight lunges, or weighted ones, the choice is broad – the are front lunges, reverse lunges, negative lunges (stepping back down from a platform), curtsy lunges, walking lunges. They all have their own perks and for the best results all may be incorporated into workouts.

But today’s move of the day in my workout is sliding lunges. Again, you choose whether to do them weighted or not. All you need is a gliding disc if working out in a gym, or a piece of cloth or a towel. Alternatively, if working out at home on a hard floor surface, you can use paper plates or simply socks – they work just as fine!

Move #1 – Side Lunge

Stand with your feet slightly apart and slide your right foot out to the side. Watch out for the proper form – your left ankle shouldn’t go far beyond your left toes. Do 12 reps than change sides.

Move #2 – Reverse Lunge

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Shift your weight to your right leg and slide your left leg backwards in a reverse lunge. Again, make sure you have a proper form and your right knee and toes form a 90 degree angle. Do 12 reps and change sides.

Bonus Move – Point and Slide

Stand with your feet together or slightly apart. Slide your right foot forward, engaging all the muscles and pointing the toes. At the maximum point start sliding your foot (still engaged and pointed) to the right and backwards, as if drawing a semi-circle. At the farthest point at the back engage your gluteal muscles before slowly sliding your foot to the right and upwards to the initial position. Do 12 reps and change sides.

Active Tip: When you don’t have much time to get a workout in or work at a desk all day long, make short breaks of 5 minutes between your work to do these moves. Your brain will thank you for the break too.

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