Sometimes I feel like I should be fifty years old or somewhere around that age, especially when talking to people my own age. It’s not that I am old-fashioned, no, I am very modern. Although there are certainly some things, which I believe were way better decades and centuries ago, mainly some customs and principles of life, and even religion, or rather the lack of modern religions. But this is not important.

The last post I have written on this matter might seem ridiculous to some – what wisdom a girl of 25 years old can possess? What’s the real difference between being 20 and 25? Well, to me there is huge difference. But again, I have never been particularly childish or immature. There were times when I didn’t care much about anything, especially when I was 15, careless, carefree and simply free. Even then I was more mature than the most of my friends. Maybe it’s the childhood I have had (mind you, it was a good and happy childhood no matter what) that made me that way, but I grew up very fast. At 12, when all of my friends were still running around the courtyard, playing tag, bouncing balls around the corners, jumping ropes and trading stickers found in favourite bubble gums, I had no interest to participate in those activities. If I dressed up and went outside for a walk, it was a real walk with my best friend. We would walk around the block, sit in the gazebos, talk about things that mattered. At that time, of course, it was all boys. It had been all about boys up until I settled on only one boy and later married him. And it happened early too. I was married at just 18.

Many different things contribute to our growing up and to everyone maturity comes at different age, it comes at different pace. And no matter mature or not, we all favour different ages. To me, age doesn’t matter much. Most of the time I don’t even remember how old I am. If I suddenly do remember, sometimes I get surprised (it’s natural): I’m going to be 26 this year, wow! It dazes me for a moment and then I forget.

Today in a conversation with my close relative and a dear friend I got reminded of the age again. In a couple of months she is going to be 25, but she confesses that she still thinks of herself as a 21-year-old. She is not the only one I hear it from. I have heard it many times from different people. I am not going to speak about all those people, and I am not going to speak about this particular relative and friend, but the topic of the age always leaves me wondering.

The way I see it, age is just a number. Just a number and no more. It doesn’t matter what date of birth is in your passport, it doesn’t even quite matter how old you look. What matters is how you feel, and the age in passport or on the age card shouldn’t bring you down.

I have heard people whine “My God! I’m forty-nine, I’m going to be fifty this year. I’m getting old. My health is poor. I’m not getting any younger. If I could only turn back time…” And then I see some people who say they are fifty-two and they smile and laugh as though they were twenty, and I wonder: why can’t we all be ok with our age? It is normal to grow older, it is normal to feel older than before. But life isn’t over yet. In ideal circumstances we could live up to 100 years and beyond. Of course, we do not live in those ideal circumstances. But 50 is only half-way there. Yes, the half of the life is gone. But it didn’t happen overnight, right? No matter how fast time flies, it didn’t. And the rest of your life isn’t going to happen overnight either. Then why look down and whine if we could make sure that we live the second half with as much quality and happiness and even adventure as the first, if not even better?

Humans are blessed with an amazing trait: we can acquire experience during the lifetime and learn to use this experience to constantly improve our lives, ourselves. We can use this experience to get the most quality out of everything. This is what we should do instead of crying over the years gone by. Even if we missed something in life, if we are alive we still have time to catch up. And if the missed opportunity can’t be caught up with, we can still do something to at least change the way we think about the missed opportunity, we can find new aspirations, new interests. It is never too late for this.

We should definitely change the way we look at our age. Some people, instead of saying they are … years old, say they are … years young. But be it old or young, it still implies they are a certain age. Maybe the word “experienced” would be better for this. We are acquiring experience throughout the entire lifetime. In this case I am 25 years experienced and my mother will be 49 years experienced this year. She is only about half-way down to her expertise, and I am only a quarter down. I am so inexperienced then! – it is a fun way to look at things.But why should you even listen to me, just a girl with so little experience in life? 🙂

Have a good day and an upcoming weekend (it’s almost weekend – yay! Then Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!)

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