We all want to be 20 at some point, whether we are 15 or 50. For the most people there is always some perfect age that they want to be, but it changes as we age of course. When I was pre-teen, I dreamed of becoming a teenager, when I was in my early teens I wanted to be 16 or 18, when I was eighteen 20 seemed to be a perfect age. As I reached twenty something’s changed. I started to accept my age and learn to live with it. I know people who don’t want to be aging and want to stay 21 forever, I know those who are dreading of becoming 24 or 25, I know those who are way past their twenties and desperately want to turn back time. I don’t. When I was twenty life was great. At 25 it’s even better. How come? Easy, I’ll give you my insight.

Here are my 5 reasons why twenty-five is better than twenty:

1. I am more mature, not only number-wise, but in all senses. I see the world in a different light, I do not have illusions anymore, I am a realist. I know what is going on around me, and even if it is not always the best thing, my wisdom lets me accept it.

2. I am more responsible. I accept responsibility, I try to stick to my promises, I do not talk and forget. Of course, having a child and a family makes you more responsible, but I also attribute it to my age. It taught me to have a no-nonsense, no BS approach to everything in life, and this is the best thing that can ever happen.

3. Being mature and responsibility taught me another great thing – to care for myself. Care for my body and my health. This is something I didn’t have when I was twenty. Being aware of your own body, how it works and functions and what you need to make it function right is a true gift that will last a lifetime.

4. I learned to love learning. When we are teens or very young adults, we take everything for granted. There are exceptions of course, but many of us do not care about our future, we don’t care about studying and acquiring knowledge. Many of us go to university only because we have to and we just do as much to survive and finish the college. Once we’re out we have no idea what we’ve been taught throughout the years. But as we get older we begin to appreciate learning and we also begin to understand what is really interesting to us and what is useful. We choose our subjects and explore them with the most attention and interest. This is another trait that we usually do not possess at twenty.

5. Last but not least – no more crazy parties and heavy drinking. My new mature body simply doesn’t let me drink the way I did before. Just one glass of wine or a cocktail and it starts craving fresh cold water instead of another round. After a night out I would start nourishing my body with a long sleep and a green smoothie in the morning, followed by gentle exercise. That is what I call a healthy soul body and mind relationship. You learn to balance pleasure and health, but at twenty it didn’t matter.

So there you go. Being twenty-five (and half-way down to 26) is better than being twenty. But if you’re twenty five or even past it and still do not see the difference, there are a couple of things that could be done: 1) Exercise, 2) Diet change, 3) Meditating, 4) Cutting down on partying and alcohol and 5) Finding something that will capture your interest and go exploring. After practicing those vital things you’ll notice a positive shift in your life, you just need to try 🙂

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