I am trying raw food diet. Not the 100% raw, of course, and probably not even 80/20. And not exactly the 80/10/10 (carbs/fat/protein) because I still eat some nuts. What I am trying is something like the “Raw Till 4” program, only I am not yet following it to a T. I have several reasons for trying out a modified version first: an exclusively fruitarian diet is quite pricey, especially in countries like Ireland, and we don’t have access to fresh ripe fruit all year round. I’d say it’s also too cold in winters to always eat raw food, even if it is warmed a bit. The final reason that keeps me away from following a fully raw diet is my love for some cooked foods and legumes.

Why did I decide to try it then? Well, it wasn’t a long-thought decision and it came to me rather suddenly, but it got me interested. The reason behind it was a nasty stomach flu and it’s consequencies, resulting in me not able to digest well any cooked food for several days. I just had to eat raw vegetables, fruit and smoothies to keep me going without any pains and discomforts. I also for some reason didn’t have any appetite for cooked foods and every time I craved something cold and juicy.

The idea is to eat only raw foods until dinner works so far. Only I do allow a little bit of cooked food in the morning – a toast with houmous, coconut milk and sometimes a rice cake. Everything else is raw – fruit, smoothies, vegetable salads. A green smoothie as a midmorning snack is a must. The smoothie I am posting below though was my midday dessert. It is very sweet and filling, but has a taste perfect for those with a sweet tooth! 😉 And it is also extremely simple and requires no preparation.




  • 1 large Banana
  • 2-4 pitted Dates (I buy them already pitted and packed)
  • Water or milk to taste

Peel the banana, break in pieces and add to a blender together with dates. Blend until smooth and then add some water and blend again. Taste for sweetness and thickness. Add more water if needed to achieve the desired consistency.




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