Do you have a particular food addiction that you think ruins your life? Do you want to get rid of it? I might not have a miraculous solution to your problem, but I have a problem just like yours and I won’t stop at anything until it’s gone.

For many-many years (all my life maybe?) I’ve been a chocolate addict. I used to eat an entire pack of chocolate in one go, and not just one pack in one day. Three… Four… At some point, when I got a bit older and wiser, I could finally get my addiction under control and only eat a few pieces at one sitting, but that didn’t prevent me from eating the entire pack in one day.

About a year ago I undertook a challenge on Tribesports, which was ‘No Chocolate for 30 days’. It took me about ten attempts to complete it, because after a few days off chocolate someone somewhere offered it to me and I just couldn’t say no. This was especially true for those eating-out occasions when I ordered a chocolate dessert or a hot chocolate. The thing with that challenge was that I couldn’t eat anything containing even a tiniest bit of chocolate, or even cocoa. It was hard. But it was an eye-opening experience. It showed me that after some time of being chocolate-free I didn’t really need it anymore, especially on a daily basis. It stopped all the cravings for a year! It doesn’t mean that I never had chocolate for a year. I ate confectionary occasionally, desserts containing chocolate. It never set off my cravings.

After going vegetarian I completely changed my mind about chocolate. Not did I only not craved it anymore, I didn’t even want it at all because it’s animal-based. And if I ate somewhere a piece of chocolate it wasn’t as pleasant anymore. I was happy, I was free.

What happened next? A month ago my in-laws came to mind our daughter while my husband and I went to a kickboxing event in a neighbour town. They brought a huuuge pack of Swiss chocolate by Nestlé. I looked at it and asked, why? Their answer was stunning. A friend brought them this chocolate from Germany, but since they don’t like milk chocolate they brought it to us, so I can eat it. That after all the history of me avoiding chocolate and after all the talks of eating vegan. I put the chocolate away in a cupboard and went on minding my own business.

That same evening, after a very spicy Indian take away I had some camomile tea and wanted something sweet to rid of the spicy aftertaste. Why not try a piece of that chocolate? I did. And it was the tastiest piece of chocolate I’ve ever had. Literally. That huge pack was gone in three days. And I say it’s huge because it’s triple the size of a normal chocolate pack. But, unfortunately, it didn’t stop at that. There’s been more chocolate since. Partially thanks to Alpro who changed the recipe of my favourite Alpro Soya Smooth Chocolate Dessert. I liked it a lot and if I wanted something chocolatey I bought Alpro. Recently they changed the recipe and gradually all the old packs were gone. And I really do not like the new ones.

I don’t like myself eating chocolate. There are tons of reasons for that.

  • It’s animal-based (well, the milk in milk chocolate is).
  • It has a lot of fat, especially saturated fats, and no healthy fats.
  • It’s loaded with sugar.
  • I can’t stop craving and eating it.

That were just the main reasons why I shouldn’t eat it. And one more, quite meaningful reason for me is that a lot of chocolate is fattening. I like having my fat % low, in athletic range. I don’t want any higher. And in time this chocolate obsession will lead to an increase in body fat if I don’t burn it off with more exercising. But I exercise a lot without it, so additional workouts will only put more stress on my body. I can’t let it happen.

Time to ACT.

I’ve done it before and I can do it now. Although I probably go as strict as the last time. I know there’s no reason for me to avoid occasional hot chocolate or chocolate desserts when eating out because they don’t set off cravings. I won’t ban cocoa in homemade desserts because it neither sets my cravings off. What I do BAN from now on is chocolate. Any chocolate bars and chocolate cakes that I can buy and bring into my house. I can go not that strict only because I’ve done it before and I know what exactly works for me and what doesn’t.

Now, if you have a particular food addiction like chocolate or cookies, chips or crisps, etc., I dare you to take action right now and go without it for a COMPLETE MONTH. Get yourself a calendar and cross the days off as you go day by day addiction-free. If you fail and have it, start over. 30 days. I promise you that it will open your eyes and make you see things from the new perspective. You will see that you no longer need it. It only satisfies you as long as you eat it. After it’s gone there’s no satisfaction – only painful craving and self-beating for being unable to control your cravings. You don’t need this stress and negativity in your life, there’s plenty of it without you hating yourself for being unable to stop doing things that you need to stop doing.

So, eat one last piece of whatever it is, enjoy it to the full because it’s your last, and then brace yourself and break the circle. Deep down you know that you can. I know you can. There’s no such thing as a lack of willpower, there’s a lack of motivation and laziness to make a change. Do it now so you do not regret it later.

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