There are a few words that I want to note about this first:

  • It is easier said than done.
  • It will take way more than 21 days.
  • This is not meant as advertisement of Will Bowen’s program and I don’t ask you to buy any of his programs for this step.

Let’s go.

So it’s been three days of daily meditation. I, myself, cannot believe how much I actually enjoy it, even though it is not perfect meditation yet. Despite practicing only for three days, I find that it does bring peace and calmness, makes my mind clearer and even makes me feel rested just in five short minutes. Five minutes also tend to seem much shorter when the time is up than when I just begin my session. I haven’t progressed yet to a longer stretch of time because I don’t want to ruin my joy, instead I meditate about three times a day – whenever I have time or feel like it. I have also found that spontaneous meditation, without proper setting, helps you fight bouts of stress as they come your way. You don’t even have to close your eyes to do this, just focus on something abstract in front of you and start counting your breaths. It is very good!

But since meditation and I totally go along well together, it’s time for Step Two.

Some of you have probably heard of Will Bowen, a founder of A Complain Free World – a program that helps you go complain free just in 21 days. As I said above, we’re not going to buy his bracelets and books for this step (you can if you want though), but at least vaguely adopting his method will help many of us to transform into happier selves and lead new happier lives. My best friend is with me on it, and we both officially started today, although both have failed.

We are what we think. Yes, just as we are what we eat, the way we think affect every aspect of our lives. If our thoughts are drenched in negativity, we see everything in this world in black and white, we bring this negativity into our homes, into our relationships and let it ruin everything that we have built or, in some cases, let it prevent us from building it in the first place.

If you pay close attention to what you talk about with your friends and family, most likely you will be surprised how much we complain about stuff, how much we judge other people (I’m so big on this, I admit) and how much we gossip. All these things testify that we have a lot of negativity in our minds and we bring it out and gladly share it with everyone, instead of sharing our happiness.

So, Will Bowen’s method is quite simple, although not easy at first, and it is said to be working very well, you just need to be persistent and really want to change your way of thinking. What do you do? You get a bracelet. I don’t think it should necessarily be the one Will Bowen sells. It can be any bracelet, but it should mean to you what you are doing. You put the bracelet on and start a day without complaining, whining, gossiping or judging. No matter who you talk to, you should abstain from the urge to share any negativity and talk only about positive things. You have to live like this 21 consecutive days. If on any of these days you forget and say what you’re not supposed to say, you switch wrists and start over from day 1. You must continue until you manage to go 21 consecutive days without a single negative phrase addressed to anyone.

Why will this work? It’s simple, really. First, it’s the new attitude. Upon waking up you already know that you can’t share anything negative, so you have to start noticing all the positive things around you. And just think how much good you’ll do to people by talking about positive things to them! They probably hear and experience a lot of bad things without your help, so there’s no need to add to that. Second, after a few days you will pay more attention to what you say and what you think, you learn how to control yourself and stay accountable with your actions.

So it is really all about positive thinking, even more than you realise. In order to become happier we have to let go of the unnecessary negativity that we surround ourselves with every single day. And although it is easier said than done, it is not impossible. It just takes determination and persistence. No matter how hard it is to achieve perfection, it is totally worth it in the end. It is worth a try. Will you try?

In conclusion of this post, I want to share these wise words. I don’t know who they belong to, but it couldn’t be more true.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

P.s. If you like this challenge and want to try more challenging exercises, read my previous post “8 weird but effective exercises for brain power”

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