5 thoughts on “Why milk is the perfect food – for baby cows!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I’ve been ‘friends’ with you on Facebook for a couple of years now and I had no idea you were vegan and raw foodist until you shared the Irish Independent article:) I find it quite hard to find such people around. I’m trying to eat as much vegan as possible, but I am also becoming more and more interested in eating raw. It is just hard to flip the switch, takes some time. I keep studying your website for some inspiration on that 😉

      1. Hii Lana, thanks for your reply! I don’t eat fully vegan all of the time, sometimes its difficult when i’m out and about. But i am vegetarian and vegan for the most part. Great to be in touch with you. I love teaching the classes but i’d love to do some personal coaching with people and looking to do some training in that direction soon. Since the Independent article so many people have been in touch so its great to see how popular raw food is becoming 🙂

      2. I, too, find that in Ireland, especially outside 0f Dublin, it is sometimes very difficult to be vegan, and sometimes when I’m eating out, being vegetarian is not an option either because of my nut allergy. But I guess balance is what matters the most in nutrition. Good luck with your classes and personal coaching! Maybe one day I will be doing the same 🙂

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