Grapefruit and honey is not a typical mix that you will find on the internet. I was searching for it, but couldn’t find anything on Google, even though I heard many good things from people about this blend. Some people say that it is a very healthy mix (which is absolutely true), and it has a lot of health benefits, including benefits for those suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

If you look at the properties of grapefruit and honey, it is all logical.

Grapefruit is high in vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K; it is high in Calcium, Folate, Phosphorus and Potassium. It also contains numerous phytonutrients, such as flavonoids, lycopene and glucorates, which help fight against cancer and other diseases. Grapefruit prevents colds and flu and also helps recover from them by boosting immune system. It helps reduce cholesterol, sweets and starches in the system. Grapefruit juice is safe and beneficial for diabetics and those who are predisposed. It also contains a fat-burning enzyme, so it is also good for those trying to lose weight.

Honey is health in the jar as well. It is a good source of antioxidants, which help eliminate free radicals from the system. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and rejuvenates it, keeping it young-looking for longer. It also has antibacterial properties, thus aiding healing of wounds and ulcers. It is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases, so unless you’re allergic to honey, it is a must-have in everyone’s diet.

So what does this Grapefruit & Honey Blend does? All of the above! But it also tastes good! I tried it, liked it and consume a few spoons every day.GHHB

To make this blend, you’ll need:

  • Large ripe grapefruit (I had three)
  • 1 tbsp. Honey (more or less, depending on your taste)


Cut chilled grapefruit in half (across the wedges), take out its flesh with a spoon. Add honey and blend them together in a blender or food processor. Refrigerate and consume a few tablespoons throughout the day.

People believe that consuming a few spoons of this blend 30 minutes after lunch or dinner might burn up to half of the calories eaten during the meal. While this information stays unproved, grapefruit is known to be one of those ‘superfoods’ that requires more calories of energy to be digested than the amount of calories it contains, thus creating a ‘negative’ balance. So it naturally will make you burn more calories during digestion when consumed after a meal.


Flavonoid Naringin found in grapefruits rejects synthetic man-made drugs, resulting in halting of metabolism of those drugs. If you are under any medication, please consult your doctor before consuming grapefruits.

Otherwise, grapefruit and honey can do you tons of good if consumed in moderation.

4 thoughts on “Grapefruit & Honey Health Blend

  1. My daughter can’t eat nothing that has too much acid, having said that will the honey eliminate some of the acid in the grapefruit

    1. Hi, Julie.

      Is it acid reflux she is suffering from or something else? I am not a doctor, so I can’t tell you for sure. In my own experience, when you mix honey and lemon (and even grapefruit), it does taste less acidic, but I don’t know if it actually reduces the acid.

      I have encountered this article on ehow about using honey for acid reflux, hope you find it helpful.

      But if she is not dealing with a very serious problem, due to which she cannot take any acidic food, I’d say she can try putting a bit more honey and less grapefruit than in the recipe and eat it in tiny amounts and just see how it goes.

      Kind regards,

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