In the modern world so many people struggle with losing weight and adopting healthy lifestyle habits that it almost becomes pandemic. Obesity is the global problem affecting the population of Earth as a whole. More and more children fall into the overweight and obese category despite their young ages. Our minds become corrupted with all the commercials, fast food restaurants, with pseudo-healthy foods – think of all the ham and processed cheese slices, kids-size, so good and handy for your children’s school lunches.

Some people who are overweight and in denial start taking the healthy talks as ‘fat shaming’ – a popular trend in blogs these days. They get offended and say that it’s their lives, we have no say in them. And I would gladly stay away and let them be (although I really am concerned of their health, I don’t know why. I wish the whole world got healthy, fit, free of all diseases and was happy!), but I can’t. The only reason I can’t stay away is because I am a mom. I have a beautiful daughter who grows bigger, starts to have her own preferences in food and I can’t much affect it. When she sees a cake or a pizza she wants it right there and then and she won’t give up easily. I feel guilty if I don’t give her to taste a little and I feel guilty if I do. Because if I don’t – I am a mean mom in the eyes of the others who doesn’t let her child have a little treat, and if I do – I consciously feed my child bad food, fuelling her bad choices.

And that is exactly the problem I see in this whole obesity thing. All the articles supporting and comforting overweight people, telling them that they are beautiful as they are (don’t get me wrong here, I believe they are beautiful people, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t care for themselves better) and that they should feel happy in the body they have, all these articles just basically tell those people that it’s okay to be obese, you can be obese and happy. You don’t have to give up the things you love (bad food) to fit into a certain standard the fit world expects you to fit in. Those people starting to feel encouraged and they continue living their lives as they always did. The worst part of it is that those people have children and they feed their children the same bad food, making them grow big and heavy from the early years. Those kids are starting to have health problem before they age 10, they become a subject of bullying at schools, they suffer physically and mentally, and it’s a shame. Do we want this life for our children? No! We don’t! We want our children to be the best versions of ourselves, we want them to live long healthy and happy lives. And we should work hard for it!

But unfortunately, children are people whose preferences and choices often depend on those of the others. And when they see other children from their school or neighbourhood eating sweets, pizzas, cakes and muffins, and burgers, they don’t need your vegetables and fruit anymore. They don’t want to eat oatmeal in the morning because they can have pancakes, like the others. They don’t want chicken with mash and steamed vegetables for lunch, because they can have a cheeseburger. They don’t want fruit with yogurt for a sweet snack because they want cake. And it is really hard to tell them no and see them cry and hate you for that. They want to be ‘normal’ kids and eat ‘normal’ food that other ‘normal’ kids do. But once you let them have that all, they gradually become those victims of poor health and constant bullying on top of that. It is a sad reality that we live in.

This is why I am concerned about all the overweight population of our planet. It’s not only their lives and health that are affected; it sets the bad trends and we all are getting affected by it. For the sake of our children, for the sake of the whole human race we have to do something about it. With the countless studies and researches the scientists have performed to this day we have so many information about health, exercise and nutrition. We basically have a weapon that could destroy the obesity-related health problems. Only the generous food industry wouldn’t let us. As long as there’s a demand for processed foods and fast foods and all the sweet and fatty foods, the fast food industry will prosper, and our health will suffer. Just think of it – they earn money off our pseudo-needs and then doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers earn their money off our poor health, they are all happy, but we are not. We sacrifice our health, we sacrifice our bodily appearances and we give all our money just to feel miserable afterwards. People, hear all the pleas! We have to stop doing what we’re doing!

And once you get started towards your healthier life, you will meet loads of support and help, it’s practically everywhere. There’s encouragement everywhere! The only people who will not support you are those who can’t find strength in themselves to do what you want to do. They will try to drag you down, and this is where you have to be strong. You have to find the strength to not give up and possibly find the strength to strengthen them to step onto the path of transformation. You have to remember that it won’t be easy, but it will get easier with time, and it will pay out in the long run.

Good luck!

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