Ok, the title is a bit wrong, because it is very hard to label one exercise or another as the best – they are all different, they all work different muscles in different ways, and some are more effective than then the others, that’s the reality.

When it comes to working the butt out, ladies who practice bodyweight ‘toning’ exercises (oh they do tone you to some extent) usually love this move, but those who does hard work in the gym too often neglect it, hoping that barbell squats and deadlifts along with lunges and leg press are enough. Well ladies, how about the good old bridge with a new twist?

You have a choice here of performing it with the kind of weight gear that is most comfortable for you, like a disc or a barbell.

To make this even more challenging (given that you can perform the basics well), try single-leg bridge by raising one leg up and pointing your toes at the ceiling. Although be careful here with adding extra weight. It could be a good idea to practice it without the weights first.

The magic of this simple exercise lies in the fact that in the highest point your glutes are most contracted due to the position of the body and the weight pressing down, so it works those lazy (thanks to our modern lifestyles) muscles harder than the old school squats and deadlifts and lunges. But no matter how good this exercise is, it is not the reason to give up on deadlifts and squats. Do them all to get the best results on your legs and butt, the success is guaranteed!

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