It is so stereotypical to ‘google’ heavy weight training for women and find in every article that often women say “Oh I don’t do weights, I don’t want to get bulky”. And you know what? I keep hearing girls say it in real life over and over again. Just a couple of weeks ago, at a Halloween party my friend and I were talking over a sip of cocktail, she told me how she loved dancing and I said that my passion was strength training. And her reply was “I would go to the gym, but I don’t want to get bulky”. I said, “Believe me you won’t”. And she was like, “No? But then, I am vegetarian, I wouldn’t be able to get the required protein”. I couldn’t help but smile. How little many girls know of strength training and the way our bodies work. Of course, vegetarianism and protein are a different talk, but as to the strength training itself – enough feeding people myths! It’s time to learn the truth.

Strength training shouldn’t be feared by women at all. It has a lot of benefits applicable not only to appearance, but to health as well.

Become stronger.

How many times did whine silently at the heavy bags you had to carry home from shops? How many times did you grunt trying to move a piece of furniture while doing spring cleaning? How many times did you try and fail to open a jar and cursed that no one was around to help you? I think it happened to many of us at least once. Of course there are cars that rid us from the need to carry the bags, but cars also attribute to weight gain and obesity. Just look how the average weight sky rocketed with the use of cars! By picking up heavy weights your muscles will gain strength and you will need no one to help you do everyday tasks. As to the fear of becoming big and muscular, we (women) simply don’t have enough testosterone to become that. Even those women on a mission to gain big muscles have a tough time achieving it. It takes a lot of training and devotion to gain muscle. And it also takes different techniques and huge calorie consumption. If your diet is on track, lifting weights won’t make you look like Hulk.

Burn fat faster.

It has already been said in my previous articles that heavy weight training speeds up your metabolism, and the ‘afterburn’ lasts for hours after your workout. This makes you burn off more calories doing your regular things than usual. Also for every pound of muscle you will burn 30 more calories. Isn’t it cool? Women engaged in powerlifting usually say that they can eat more calories due to the demand of heavy training, but they still stay in great shape.

Get rid of jiggle.

Heavy weights increase the density of your muscles, not the volume, thus creating a muscle tone. What would you prefer – having sexy toned arms and tight bottom or jiggling and wiggling as you walk and wave your arms?

Improve bone and joints health.

Numerous researches have shown that strength training increases bone mineral density and stabilizes joints, which helps preventing such conditions as osteoporosis and arthritis. Even those who are already of significant age can start strength training and benefit from it. It is never too late to start caring for your health!

Reduce the risks of heart diseases and diabetes.

Obviously enough, the processes starting in the organisms during the strength training help utilize glucose more efficiently, and also strengthen cardiovascular system, lowes cholesterol and blood pressure. When it comes to our health, strength training is a winner!

Boost confidence and reduce stress levels.

As you improve your strength, coordination and endurance, set yourself new goals and achieve them, you will walk out of gym with your head a little bit higher every time. I know it from my own experience and experiences of others, training really does boost your confidence and it’s amazing! It also helps you distress, clear your mind and teaches you to focus. Strength training is great for mental health!

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