The last couple of months spent in Athlone were somewhat boring. Turns out at my age and being a mommy it is hard to meet new people and even harder make new friends. It’s not that I am not sociable enough, it’s just… hard. I don’t work, I don’t study and my child is not in school yet for me to join a parents committee. So where do I go about making new friends? Play centres seemed like a perfect place, until I understood that all I could meet there was another bunch of mommies, full of their own domestic problems. Home and kids sure are conversational topics, but I hate boring people with my routines when they have theirs to care for. And I easily get bored too. So my head dropped losing the battle.

And then one day, three weeks ago, I found a new battle, and this one I won’t lose. If you’re determined, you can’t lose to yourself, right? So three weeks ago my husband and I joined a gym! This is one of the best things that could happen to me and my body. Of course I worked out at home on a weekly basis. But whereas I worked out 4 times a week before moving to Athlone, after we have moved it wasn’t that easy anymore. I’m not saying that I suddenly got so much to do around the house that I simply didn’t have time nor willpower to work out, because I still truly believe that those who want it will find time and energy. But after a few weeks here my workouts started to become rare and finally went down to one yoga session on Monday and one lousy workout during the week. Reasons for cutting on working out were various, but the heaviest was that my toddler started having trouble with going to sleep at night and from 8 pm to 10-11 I sat beside her, trying to make her sleep. Hallelujah, that time is over. And even though she started going to creche two days a week for three hours, those six hours a week I had to spend to tidy up the apartment and cook dinner.

When my husband decided that we’re buying a gym membership, I was a bit skeptic. How would I go to gym if I have so much to do at home? Turns out you can do it all! As soon is I drop my girl in the hands of the brilliant staff in our creche, I go to gym, workout for 1-1.5 hours, get home, tidy up, eat and go to pick her up. Easy!

Of course, gym is not quite the place to meet new people for me, taking into account that girls wander into the free weights section only on a rare occasion, and men I am not interested in since I am married to the best man in my life! Although I did meet a girl there one day that simply dazed me with what she was doing. While I am hardly able to do dumbbell flies with 6 kg in each hand, she was doing 12 (arms are my weak spot), and she was deadlifting 65 kgs when my max was 27.5 for 5 reps. And this girl was slim and not much bigger than me, but incredibly toned. She inspired me that very day to ditch high repetitions (which I learned are best for pump & not for strength) and try to incorporate some powerlifting into my routine to get the real strength training going. Only one week later I am pushing myself to my limits, because I am on a Mission ‘Possible’ and with education and determination I will succeed.

My really small and kinda weak bicep… But it’ll get there!


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