Of course if we’re talking about weight loss (read fat-loss – weight itself doesn’t mean much), we have to create  a deficit of 300-500 kcals every day. But there are plenty of ways to add extra activity to help you create the deficit. They don’t necessarily include gym and aerobics or weight lifting. Have a look.

100 kcals at HOME equal:

  • 11 minutes of running up and down the stairs;
  • 30 minutes of ironing clothes, standing;
  • 28 minutes of scrubbing floors;
  • 20 minutes of polishing furniture;
  • 40 minutes of chopping vegetables;
  • 20 minutes of yoga or pilates;
  • 24 minutes of low intensity aerobics for beginners;
  • 30 minutes of isolated exercises (arms or legs only) with light dumbbells;
  • 30 minutes of basic abs exercises (crunches, leg lifts);
  • 8 minutes of brisk walk up and down the stairs with 4-5 kg bags of goods;
  • 20 minutes of painting walls;
  • 30 minutes of slow-paced gardening;
  • 20 minutes of weeding plants;
  • 25 minutes of cleaning windows;
  • 17 minutes of active play with a child;
  • 20 minutes of brisk walk with a dog.

100 kcals at GYM equal:

  • 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill with a speed of 4 to 5 kmph;
  • 14 minutes of pedaling a stationary bike with moderate intensity;
  • 13 minutes on elliptical trainers;
  • 10 minutes of walking at 6% incline with a speed of 6 kmph;
  • 12 minutes of Step aerobics class;
  • 8 minutes of active punching (a punching bag);
  • 6 minutes of active kicking (a punching bag);
  • 9 minutes of skipping rope;
  • 17 minutes of belly dancing class;
  • 12 minutes of Zumba;
  • 5 minutes of high intensity intervals in the Cross-fit style;
  • 6 minutes of intensive press ups.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to burn 100 calories, we just have to stay active and pay attention to what we eat, and we’ll be fine! 😉

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