Another one for today.

I have to say at once that I am not the creator of the recipe, I am rather the re-maker of it.

About a couple of weeks ago I saw this post on a blog that I follow, Dinner of Herbs. I thought that it looked very delicious and I just had to try it. And indeed, it turned out to be very delicious and nutritious as well. So a huge Thank You to the Author of the recipe, she did an excellent job! Now, I’m not hoping to get any praise for changing the recipe, I just want to share the idea, and I truly hope that the original author doesn’t mind me changing and posting it here. I should have probably asked her, but I will risk and post it anyway.

Last week I was thinking what to eat for lunch. I had some pistachios left over from my ‘Day & Night’ truffles, we also just returned from the grocery store with some fruit (grapes among them), avocados, which I like to use instead of butter on a toast with smoked salmon, and Parmesan cheese which we bought for the chicken recipe we were making (not too healthy, but de-li-cious!). So I was thinking what to make myself for lunch and recalled that salad recipe from the Dinner of Herbs. Only I didn’t have any sugar snap peas and broccoli, and I decided to try and combine what I had. I knew that pistachios, avocado and grape worked well together in the Dinner of Herbs’ recipe, and I also knew that grapes go well with cheese (think of grapes and cheese plates in restaurants). So instead of adding the green vegetables to the salad, I simply added Parmesan. And I loved it too! It has the same ingredients as the original salad, minus two, but at the same time it is a different salad with cheese added. I also made this salad for the barbecue party and the girls loved it, while boys didn’t get to try any – we ate it all! 🙂 I made it today for lunch as well and gave my husband to try some. He approved, and his approval means a lot to me! 🙂


  • Seedless Red Grapes
  • Pistachios, shells removed
  • Avocado, diced
  • Slices of Parmesan, crushed into smaller pieces

Mix it all, just as in the original recipe, and enjoy it! 😉


P.s. It contains several sources of fat, so beware and try not to eat it all at once! 😉


2 thoughts on “Pistachio Grape Salad

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you don’t mind me sharing it. And of course I couldn’t just post it, without giving credit to you, since it was your recipe in the first place! And (I’ll say it again) I loved your recipe! 🙂

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