This is a workout that I love adding to my weekly routine. 6/5 workout is one of those workouts that combine cardio intervals with strength training. It can be tailored specifically for your needs. You have the right to choose the type of cardio exercise and what you want/need to do for the strength training. It can be weight lifting, or it can be body weight exercises like push ups and squats and burpees, etc. The way I do it is training my arms with dumbbells. As to cardio, I alternate between skipping and jogging in place, but you can choose just one, and it can be anything. Alternatively, you can choose a different type of cardio for every interval (there are six).

The workout goes by alternating 60 seconds of cardio exercise with high reps of weight lifting. I use light dumbbells for this workout to keep my reps high (15, to be precise). But you can do more, say, 20 reps, or do less, like 10. Usually it is best to keep your reps as high as possible (think of a number on which you want to stop plus 2 more reps).

My sample of workout:

  1. Run, 60 sec.
  2. Bicep curls, 15 reps.
  3. Skip, 60 sec.
  4. Tricep kick backs, 15 reps.
  5. Run, 60 sec.
  6. Chest flyes, 15 reps.
  7. Skip, 60 sec.
  8. Upright row, 15 reps.
  9. Run, 60 sec.
  10. Kettlebell swings, 15 reps.
  11. Skip, 60 sec.

This is one circuit. You do not rest between the intervals, but you can rest (no longer than 1 min though) between the circuits. Do 3 circuits.

This type of workout affects your body in similar way to all high intensity circuits and intervals. It may not burn as many calories during the session (come on, they are short enough to burn a ton of calories!), but they elevate your metabolism, thus increasing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) – this is when your body continues to burn calories even when you rest. The effect of increased RMR can last about 24 hours after the workout, so you burn and burn and burn many more calories. Isn’t it cool?


This is what I achieved in 3 or 4 months of training intensively, without real dieting… But what could have I achieved if I paid attention to what I eat instead of simply counting calories?!

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