These days I hear more and more about these special ingredients that will cure you from anything and everything. Is it true? Do they really do what they’re said to do? I don’t know the answers to the questions, but there’s certainly no harm in trying.

072_2000x3303_all-free-download.com_2477525Since I can remember myself I’ve been told to stay away from honey because I might get allergic reaction. I’ve had a lot of allergies in the past, too many to name them all, but they’re all gone now, except allergy to any kind of nuts except pine nuts and pistachios. Although I can’t say for sure, because I just stay away from them. But it took me 20 something years to realize that I am not allergic to Honey and have missed so many of its benefits. Anyway, it’s never too late to start using it.

Recently I’ve spent many days searching online for different honey and lemon recipes and their potential benefits to decide what exactly I need to do with them. The reason I started searching is because after buying Nelson’s Sootha cough remedy (which contains lemon and honey) for my daughter, I got this weird kind of craving for honey mixed with lemon juice, but I needed to know what to do before I do something wrong. Not that you can terribly mess something up with it, but I’ve heard several times that you can’t add honey to hot water or tea, because when boiled over 60 C Honey loses its properties and starts producing carcinogens. Scary, isn’t it?

Honey has been used as a treatment since the ancient times, it is said to help relieve cough, bronchitis, and sore throats; it is antiseptic, it boosts your immune system,  helps with gastric ulcers, wounds and burns. Due to the antioxidants containing in honey it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Unlike sugar, it also helps to reduce fat and aids weight loss. Who would have thought that such a sweet sugary thing as honey could be effective in weight loss?

Lemon, aside from it’s obvious immune boosting properties due to high contents of Vitamin C, also cleanses kidneys and liver of toxins, improves digestion, helps to lose fat as well as stay hydrated.053_3000x2561_all-free-download.com_7935271

Cinnamon, since the ancient times, was believed to cure colds. These days a lot of studies were conducted and some of them showed various effects of cinnamon on health and immune system. One study showed that eugenol found in cinnamon inhibited the replication of the virus that causes herpes in vitro, the other studies showed including cinnamon in the diet may help to control blood glucose levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes. CEppt, an extract from cinnamon bark, also shows potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease in mice. Cinnamon is also known for its help to reduce body fat.

So what do we get if we combine all of these health beneficial ingredients into a tea? We will get all of them benefits at once. Simple as that.

To make this oh-so-good-for-you tea, we will need:

  • 1 Cinnamon Stick (or 1 tsp of ground Cinnamon, but the sticks are way better and nicer!)
  • 1 Tbsp Lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp Honey

Simply put the cinnamon stick in freshly boiled water and let it steep for a few minutes. When the water cools down a bit (you can add cold water to it), put the other ingredients in and stir well. Enjoy this tea first thing in the morning before breakfast, especially if weight loss is your goal. I’ve heard some people say that you can see the first results just in one week! Not sure if it’s true though, because usually you have to wait at least one month. I haven’t been drinking it every day (sometimes there’s just too much hassle around my toddler to sit down and drink a cup of tea), so I can’t testify whether it’s true. But even if you don’t see your weight drop immediately after one week of drinking this tea, just remember that the overall benefits of the tea are on their way, and they are long-term benefits, which usually don’t show up at once.

38 thoughts on “Cinnamon, Lemon and Honey will cure the world?

  1. This is good information! I have been drinking hot green tea with a lemon slice every morning for the past few weeks. I recently added a tsp of honey, then tried a cinnamon stick. It is good! And I feel I am doing something healthy for my body. This information is so easy to read and understand. I have made a copy to keep in my folder of “good things to help keep our bodies in shape” folder.
    Thank you for your great insight!
    Sheryl Smith

  2. Thank you very much, Sheryl, for your comment! I’m glad someone finds it helpful 🙂 I’ve never tried adding honey and cinnamon to green tea, but I loved it with lemon. I recently stopped drinking any caffeinated teas and prefer Camomile instead, but I heard that camomile tea is good with honey too. It is so encouraging and pleasurable to do and like things that you know are good for your body!

  3. After I made my lemon, honey and cinnamon very warm drink, I sat down for some Me time on my tablet.
    I thought I might validate my freshly invented drink via a google search and found this article.
    I am replacing m&m’s and coke in the afternoon with this delicious and soothing drink and I am getting results!
    There is no aftertaste except freshness and I feel good about treating my body with respect!

  4. Just FYI, y’all should consider getting Ceylon cinnamon, if you aren’t already. There are several types of cinnamon, the two main being Chinese cinnamon (or cassia) & Ceylon Cinnamon (or true cinnamon).

    Cassia, and all other cinnamon except Ceylon, has high levels of a blood thinning substance called coumarin which in daily doses in the 1 teaspoon range can be hard on the liver for some people.

    Ceylon cinnamon only has trace amounts of coumarin & unless you’re eating a ridiculous amount everyday, it is completely safe for your liver. It’s a little pricier, has a more subtle, delicate flavor & at first you might miss the other stuff but it’s the way to go. We’re doing this for health benefits after all!!

    1. Thanks for the information, much appreciated. Although I have never heard that there was any difference, to be honest… But what can I say? Every single day we learn something new! 🙂

  5. thanks foe this great information, I have used honey and cinnamon before, but added lemon and the taste is great, hope it works.

    1. Welcome! It would definitely work in terms of health benefits. But as for weight loss (and for health benefits too) it is important to be active and have a balanced diet to get the best results.

  6. 1/2 tablespoon is just about 1 teaspoon, which is what recommended in most recipes I have seen. Less than 3 g of Cinnamon has shown to have no effect on weight loss (1 tsp or 1/2 tbsp is about 5 g). Cinnamon is thermogenic; that means that it makes your body produce extra heat thus speeding up metabolism and aiding fat loss – you’ll be expending more calories than you normally do. There are a few points to consider though: if you plan to use cinnamon on a regular basis, try finding Ceylon cinnamon (it has a rather dark colour). As said above in the comments, Ceylon cinnamon has less amounts of Coumarin, a substance that may be toxic when consumed in large amounts. I would also suggest using cinnamon sticks instead of powder, because cinnamon powder is insoluable and doesn’t taste as good as steeped sticks.

    Thanks for reading the article and commenting!

  7. thank u Lana 🙂 for your reply. Ceylon cinnamon is it costly?. actually I brought cinnamon from grocery store which looked less dark color was affordable 100 grams for 30 rupees . it looks kind of light brown in color and was flat n thin…but I have no idea whether it is Ceylon cinnamon or any other type of cinnamon…what do u think it will be…im unfortunately I made it into powder form before I read your post. if it is the right cinnamon, in what proportion do you think I should use the in powder from.

    thank you

    1. I’m sorry I’ve given you wrong information here… Ceylon cinnamon is actually lighter in colour than cassia, which tends to be on a reddish side. It seems like you have the right one.
      For more information on Cinnamon you might want to read this article here:

      Anyway, less than 3 g cinnamon didn’t show any sufficient results in the studies, and the recommended dose is 1 tsp (about 5 g), so I’d say you stick to it and see if in a couple of months it produces any results.

      Always glad to help! 🙂

  8. I think you will find that it is actually Saigon or Vietnamese cinnamon that is the most effective. I have attached a link. Ceylon is actually the least effective

  9. I have no idea how to use cinnamon sticks! If I seep one in hot water, can I use it again afterwards? Or do I need to throw it away? Thanks for help!

  10. Great article Lana. Thank you for promoting Cinnamon. Cinnamon is probably the most powerful natural health remedy you can find, effective against bacteria as well as viruses. Of course Ceylon Cinnamon is what you should have if you take Cinnamon on a daily basis because Cassia Cinnamon (especially Saigon Cinnamon) has high levels of Coumarin that causes liver damage.

    The only condition is that you can’t take Cinnamon if you are pregnant because it can cause premature uterine contractions. And the US department of Health says you should not exceed 6g of cinnamon per day for six weeks for less.

    If you want to learn more about Cinnamon with research citations and data please visit our web site. We have assembled the most comprehensive resource of it’s benefits.

  11. Hey Lana, I happened to stumble upon your blog…I’ve been having cinnamon tea with honey and warm water every morning on an empty stomach – A cup of Ceylon Cinnamon tea, half a lemon or lime and a tablespoon of honey and it works wonders!!!

  12. I have a heart desease my conditins is that I have a valve repair last year 2013, January , and i want to reduce from 91.8 to at least 85 to 80kg Is it safe to use Cinnamon, honey and lemon?

    1. Hi Nalia, thank you for your question. I think it might be safe, but please do not rely on anyone’s word here and consult with your doctor before taking any alternative health drinks or supplements. Although natural drinks like this are generally very healthy and safe, for those with health conditions it is best to get help from professionals qualified to deal with those conditions in particular.
      Best regards,

  13. been using this tea lemon + honey + cinnamon Twice daily for a week now. no results yet but from comments here im highly optimistic and ill keep at it. I dont know which cinnamon im using as I bought s ground pack off the store and its not indicated. Current weight is 278 lbs and I need to lose atleast 100lbs. I have increased daily activity to a 2hrs walk 3 times a week. Was diagnosed with pre-diabetes so the life style change is necessary for me. Hope I see changes soon.

  14. I drink a cup of cinnamon , honey & lemon each morning when I first wake up,( before my cup of coffee lol) and one thing I can say is my allergies do NOT act up!! THIS WORKS!! If I dont drink this mixture I have constant watery eyes and runny nose at work! I said “Good bye” to taking allergy pills and drink this instead and I am so happy I discovered this natural treatment and it tastes great! This worked from the very first time I drank it , THAT day no allergies at work! One cup of warm water (or hot) mixed with 2 TBSPNS Honey, one teas cinnamon and 1 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon juice..

    1. Hi and thank you for the comment.

      I have never tried green tea with anything more than lemon, but I surely have heard of people taking with lemon and honey. The process is always the same, I suppose – Brew the tea, let it cool a bit and add lemon juice and honey. It is best to not add honey or lemon to the boiling water, because some of the properties of lemon juice get neutralized by boiling water and some experts say that honey might produce carcinogens when heated above 60 C. So we better stay on the safe side. If you want to try and add cinnamon to it, do it just like in the original recipe – steep the cinnamon bark in the freshly boiled water together with the green tea leaves.

      Hope this helps.
      Kind regards,

  15. When I first came across this concoction, it said to use lime. Should I ditch the lime and go for the lemon? Thanks!

    1. I have only once heard of lime with honey and cinnamon, it is usually always lemon. But I’d say there shouldn’t be much of a difference. Try them both and see what you like better 🙂

  16. Our local coffee place called Coffeemania serves something called Cold Care Tea which consists of lemon, honey, ginger & cinnamon in hot water. When I was sick, a co-worker suggested I get a cup of it. It was so tasty, comforting and soothing on my sore throat that I have been making my own version of this drink for almost a month. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I lost several pounds so far, and figured it was due to the fact that I was no longer regularly drinking a calorie-laden cup of coffee! How nice to have discovered this blog that talks about the benefits of these vary ingredients – I had no idea just how beneficial they are, so thank you for this information!

    1. We don’t know for sure (and certainly can’t), but there is some evidence that a substance may form in honey when heated that is carcinogenic. While the opinions divide greatly on this topic, I personally like to stay on the safe side and add it to the water that has cooled a bit. You might want to do your own research and see what you believe 🙂

      Kind regards,

  17. I have a quick question. I would like to know if I can make the mixture (cinnamon powder+honey+squeeze lemon juice) and make it into a paste and store it in the refrigerator for a week. That way, I can directly add considerable amount of this mixture everyday while making the green tea which will save some time?
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Viola! You probably can, although I can’t say for sure as I have never tried, nor heard of it. One thing I know – if you add cinnamon powder to the tea instead of steeping the bark, you will most likely end up tasting the powder in it as it doesn’t dissolve, and it also makes the tea appear cloudy. If wish to experiment, let us know how it went for you.

      Kind regards,

  18. anonymous 2015.
    i have recently started taking lemon tea, cinnamon and honey for weight loss in the morning and before i sleep, every time i take it in the morning i feel nauseous and i end up vomiting .. why is this happening??

    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms. I am not a doctor and cannot definitely say what’s going on, but I suppose it might be due to an intolerance of one of the ingredients, or it could be something to do with the pH balance of the stomach. Although when ingested, lemon juice is alkaline, I have previously heard from some people that it makes them feel a bit queasy when taken after the night fast.
      You should stop drinking it first thing in the morning if the symptom persists and probably consult with a doctor. This tea may benefit at any other time of the day as well.

      Hope your problem will clear up.
      Kind regards,

    1. To be honest, I haven’t tried and not really willing to 🙂 Apple cider vinegar is a great tonic on its own when you dilute it in water and drink first thing in the morning. What you can do is alternate between the two.
      Sorry for the late reply.

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