I have to confess… despite all of my attempts to keep myself off chocolate bars and sweets (and I manage to! I have none of the stuff at home), I still crave for them badly from time to time. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but over the past year I became kind of addicted to eating sweets after EVERY meal. Shocking, isn’t it? But since now I’m determined to keep my meals clean of bad things, I have to look for alternatives. This is one that I found – homemade sweets that are not truffles indeed, but they resemble them so much! The sweets are made of prunes and pistachio nuts. Well, they can be made with any kind of nuts, whatever you like. But due to my nut allergy, the only nuts I can use are pistachios and pine nuts, so my choice is quite limited.


The good thing about these sweets that there is nothing bad in them, you know exactly what you put in it. There are no preservatives, no stabilizers, no added sugars, nothing! Pistachios contain protein and healthy fat, they are good for you if you don’t eat the whole pack at once. Prunes are full of fiber and have a cleansing effect on your colon, and also contain naturally occurring sugars. Be sure not to eat the whole plate of sweets at one go! 😉DNS

Anyway, To make these delicious healthy ‘truffles’ we need:

  • Prunes, pitted.
  • Pistachios, de-shelled (or Almonds, or Hazelnuts).
  • Cocoa powder.


1. Put the prunes into a blender and blend them well. You will have a very sticky not very nice looking mass, but that’s okay, you won’t see it as it is in your truffles.

2. Part of the pistachios also blend into crumbles in the blender, the other part we’ll need to be whole.

3. Start making the ‘truffles’. Put about 1.5 Tsp of the prune mass on your palm, put a whole pistachio nut in the center of it, and then form a truffle so that the nut is inside of it. Coat your truffle in pistachio crumbles and then in cocoa powder. Store in fridge.

Since my husband doesn’t like cocoa powder much, i left half of the truffles covered only in pistachio crumbles, therefore I called them ‘Day and Night’ 🙂

Enjoy your healthy dessert!

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