Another quick post regarding the challenge, or the results to be precise.

So the first half of July flew by like a couple of days, and I am having the results already. It’s not just the loss of weight or centimeters off my waist, but it’s the way I look at food and think of it.

First of all, I stopped adding sugar to my tea even in the morning! Loud hooray! Even though I stopped drinking sweetened beverages during the day about a month ago, I still couldn’t bid farewell to those last two teaspoons in my morning tea or coffee. Luckily, with this challenge and with the fact that I ran out of brown sugar (and I never ever use white!) I decided that I won’t buy another pack of brown sugar anymore. I really shouldn’t and I won’t, so I’m finally off this kind of ‘drug’.

Second of all, I don’t need chocolate and sweets when I crave something sweet along with my green tea. Instead, I eat a piece of fruit, and for me it goes quite well with the tea. The quality of my meals has also improved, and I am happy to say that! And… the happiest thing of all for me is the return of my high-school weight and waist, which is now back to 59 cm!!! Yay, I love eating cleaner, healthier food! I feel like a different person, much happier and prouder of myself.

And one more thing, it doesn’t feel like a challenge anymore! Even though it’s been only two weeks, it feels so normal to eat like this!

So if you haven’t started this challenge yet, I advise you start now! Just to see how it goes. If you don’t like it, no one forces you to do it. But at least try it before you wave it off!

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