Just a quick post here…

As planned, I have started the 30 days of eating clean challenge. The first day flew by so quickly I could hardly notice. I easily managed to avoid any sweets and snack bars today, which is a great success. Well, I can’t say it’s a progress yet, but for the first day it is definitely success. What is a progress for me is that I cut down to 2 tsp of brown sugar in my mug of coffee, because only a week ago it was 4 tsp for coffee and 3 tsp for black tea. I haven’t drunk black tea for the last couple of days, but cutting down 2 tsp for coffee is a huge step for me! Just imagine that about 6 months ago I used to add 5 tsp of sugar in my tea or coffee, and it was white sugar, not brown! But when I decided to change, I made a rule of having only brown sugar, and I’ve been avoiding white sugar at all since. Then I started gradually cutting down on the quantity of teaspoons I add to the beverages, and I was stuck on 3 tsp for what seemed like forever. So I am really glad and proud of myself! 🙂

I also feel that I ate quite well today. It felt like a quality meal and it’s a good feeling. Two eggs, slice of wholewheat soda bread and cherry tomatoes for breakfast followed by a cup of coffee, a salmon fillet baked in yogurt with mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower for lunch, green tea and a really nice and sweet melon, then a bowl of porridge with a little bit of raisins, no sugar in it (I used to add 1 tbsp of sugar to the porridge!), more green tea, a whole grapefruit, and another salmon fillet for dinner, accompanied by the same broccoli and cauliflower, fresh cucumber and a slice of homemade bread with thyme, and a cup of green tea again. What’s interesting to me is that I didn’t even crave for a snack bar, because I was so determined to stick to the challenge rules. And I love it about myself today! Even though it was only the first day, I feel proud of myself. We all need to do things that make us feel proud of ourselves – this is the key to self-esteem I have talked about a couple of days ago.

Another thing that makes me proud is that I had a really good HIIT workout (three days in a row now!), once again based on those from the Bodyrock.tv and The Daily HIIT. If you haven’t checked out those websites yet, GO AND CHECK THEM OUT NOW! Some real work is happening there! And to get a real body you dream of you have to work out real hard!

That’s it for today. Eat healthy and stay fit! 😉

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