When you want to change your lifestyle or habits, they say it takes 21 days to form a habit (or break one). This challenge I am going to take for 30 days ‘just in case’, because I really want to make this work and this is a big change, a major change I’d even say.

A little background on taking challenges like this – I’ve tried them before. Not this challenge in particular, but I have completed a few, like 21 days of drinking Green Tea (the easiest challenge along with 7 days without White Bread), 30 days without Chocolate, Eating fruit every day for 30 days. The last two challenges were the best I have ever tried – it totally changed the way I thought about snacks and desserts, that was until the challenges were over and I slowly went back to my previous eating habits. This time I am determined to change the way I eat once and for all, and this is why I am creating this challenge for myself and anyone who wants to try it.

The idea is to eat healthier, less processed (ideally unprocessed) foods every day for a month, abiding by the rules of the challenge. To make it a little bit easier (because it’s a tough change), I (and you too) have the option to skip 1 of the rules, but it doesn’t mean that I can skip it completely. I should try and abide by it at least 40 to 50 % of the time. For example, I know for sure that at the moment in my family it would be hard to eat only whole wheat and whole grains 100% of the time, so I’m going to ‘half-skip’ this one, but I have to incorporate all the others into my daily routine.

The rules of eating clean:

  1. No Alcohol.
  2. Cut down on sugar (Ideally no adding sugar).
  3. No sweets, fruit only.
  4. No processed food.
  5. Cut down on salt.
  6. Low-fat dairy instead of full-fat.
  7. Whole grains instead of refined; whole wheat bread and pasta.
  8. 3 portions of fruit and vegetables.
  9. More water (at least 2 litres).
  10. More Green tea.
  11. No soda or juices.
  12. No fried and fatty foods (grill is fine, or some healthy steaks in a little oil).
  13.  1 small cheat food (not meal!) a day OR 1 cheat meal per week.

Because things like cutting down on sugars is very hard to do at once, it has to be taken slow, gradually decreasing the amount of sugar you eat. Otherwise you will crash, having too strong a craving for it. If you’re a soda addict, you have to come off it gradually too. Although, I stopped drinking it at once last January and was perfectly fine. I can drink soda occasionally, like once in a couple of months or so, and I prefer to think of it as a cheat.

So, this is it. Monday morning, 1st of July, the challenge begins. Who’s with me? 🙂

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