We all know the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and while this is true, there are a lot more things that assist fat-loss, including fat blasting workouts. Generally, these all are cardio and fast-paced body-weight workouts, high intensity, circuits or intervals, whatever brings your heart rate up higher that it is at rest.

There are as many workouts as one can only imagine, but the one that is considered effective for shredding among bodybuilders is 10×10. It’s not suitable only for bodybuilders, really it’s for anyone. What you have to do is just choose the exercises that will target your needs.

The principle of the workout is easy – you choose 3 to 4 body-weight exercises and do 10 sets of 10 reps of each of them, one at a time. For example,

Ex. 1 – Squats.

Do 10 reps of squats without stopping. Rest 30 seconds. Do another 10 reps, thus continuing until you’ve completed 1o sets in total.

Picture from Bodbot.com

Rest for 1 minute and go onto the 2nd exercise.

Ex. 2 – Push ups.

The same goes here. Perform 10 sets of 10 push up, resting 30 seconds between the sets.


Rest for 1 minute before moving onto the next exercise.

Ex. 3 – Burpees

Perform 10 sets of burpees, 10 reps of each.


This workout is tough for sure, but it’s worth it. Combined with a proper diet, it will bring you good results.

You can change the exercises depending on what you need and love to do. Just remember, if it’s easy, it’s not likely to work well. Hard work is what brings you real body! Eat right, sweat heavy, sleep well and enjoy yourself!

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