You can feel sore tomorrow, or you can feel sorry. You choose.

A story how I lost weight without dieting.

For starters, I must say that I have never been overweight, and have never been fat. But I was not fit, even though my weight was somewhere around 48 kg with my height being 167 cm. Then I got pregnant in 2011 and unintentionally lost even more weight. At 14 weeks at the first hospital appointment I weighed 46 kg. And I didn’t gain much by the end of my pregnancy. At 40 weeks I was only 57, so I gained only 11 kg of weight, which is only baby weight and water, no additional fat that women should gain when pregnant. Everyone around thought it was great and I was lucky, but the doctors gave me such a hard time because of it! At 37 weeks they told me that I might as well end up having an induction if the baby was distressed and wasn’t growing properly. Thank God, my baby girl was born naturally at 41 weeks, tiny (2.8 kg), but perfectly healthy, and started feeding and gaining so much needed weight straight away.

When still lying in the delivery room with my baby close to me, one of the midwives told me, pointing at my tummy, “Look! Your pregnant belly is gone already! Wow and you managed to keep the belly button ring!” Going home in three days I could easily slip into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and everything else, except the tops, which were too tight on my newly acquired upper 90cm.

 I have never been a big eater in my life, but with breastfeeding going as much as 12 times a day, I had to eat more, and with time it has turned into a habit. I breastfed my girl until 15 months, and when I stopped, my weight (which was around 50 at the time), started to climb up. And in no time I was 52 kg. Despite me starting to work out regularly, it wasn’t going down, so I decided to start a food journal and count calories, using MyFitnessPal app. It helped a little, but I still was hovering between 50 and 51 kg, and being used to the number 48 on my scales for many-many years, 50 seemed like too much.

Just then I found a video from the BodyRock website and decided to try one of their HIIT workouts. Only I couldn’t do the exact exercises from the video and had to substitute them with my own.  I quickly came to love the fast-paced style of the workout and made another variation of it, so I don’t get bored doing the same routine every time. I started working out 3 to 4 times a week and continued calories, making sure I wasn’t getting more than 1450 calories per day. I saw the first change in just two weeks. And it wasn’t just a drop in the weight, it was the way my body looked, too, and the way I felt about myself, and the way I could exercise more and harder. So I went on exercising, increasing my work periods from 30 seconds to 40, and later to 50. My results? Two months since the start, I am 48 point something (ranges from 48.2 to 48.5), I am much fitter, much stronger, I can do things I couldn’t at the start, and my body fat percentage is 16.5%, which is lean. I burned 3 cm off my waist and 2 cm off my thighs; I continue exercising and don’t count my calories anymore. I just learned to eat the right amount and eat healthier than I have before. And guess what? I still eat sweets! Every day. Though I know I could have achieved more without them, and I know it’s not the right choice to still eat them, but it’s keeping me sane, so I don’t see anything too bad in it.

As for the workout plans, here they are. When I first started, I used to do 5 rounds of 6 exercises with Work to Rest ratio being 30:10 sec. As I began to get fitter, I went to 4 rounds of 40:10 sec periods, finally coming to 3 rounds of 50:10 sec.

Workout I.

This workout is mostly strength-training, though still in the HIIT style. Do as many reps as you can do in the work interval. You can write the number of reps in the diary to compare and track your progress.

  1. Jumping Jacks –
  2. Tricep kickbacks –
  3. Leg raise + Reverse crunch –
  4. Dumbbell Pullovers  –  (Use a gym ball or doubled pillow under your back, when lying on floor, if you don’t have a bench)
  5. Bridge flies –
  6. Windmill – (I use 2 light dumbbells in each hand at once, alternating sides)

Workout II.

Consists of boxing and cardio moves.

  1. Jumping jacks (my favourites!) –
  2. Jab, cross, hook, hook –
  3. Criss cross jumps –  (It’s up to you whether to use the jump rope)
  4. Plie squat + kick to the side –
  5. Jogging in place –
  6. Jab, cross, uppercut, hook –

Due to a recent meniscus tear which I got from performing Jump Lunges, which are NOT in these two workouts, I had to make a new workout plan for myself, which would include some low or no-impact cardio and the strengthening exercises, and it’s a big-big plan, consisting not only of HIITs, but also of strength training workouts, which are to target my problem spots like thighs and triceps. I will share them one day too, if I feel that they work well.

Even my 19 months old exercises together with me :)
Even my 19 months old exercises together with me 🙂

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